• Staffhub: scheduling made easy (and digital)

    Microsoft offers all kinds of neat cloud based tools, aimed at improving efficiency and productivity in businesses. But not every company works in the same way and not every employee spends his or her entire day in front of a desktop. Still, this doesn’t mean the cloud can’t help employees who are on the move a lot. The ever increasing amount of mobile devices opens opportunities for them, too.
  • Drop the hardware, move to the cloud: Cloud PBX add-on for Skype for Business

    The cloud allows you to easily backup and access your files and data, but your communication can benefit too. Services in the cloud can take over your traditional phone system or PBX, without the need for cumbersome hardware. Plus they are often cheaper, demand less maintenance and allow your employees for greater flexibility.
  • Secure Productive Enterprise, what’s that all about?

    You may have heard about Office 365, the cloud based software and tools from Microsoft. By taking their services to the cloud Microsoft enables businesses around the world to be more agile and work with greater flexibility and enhanced productivity. Digital transformation at its finest.
  • Go mobile - work from anywhere

    Mobile devices, like smartphones and tablet, are taking over. Well over 50% of digital traffic is already spent on a mobile device and the rise of mobile is not expected to end any time soon. It wouldn’t be wise as a company to slack behind on this evolution. Not only your employees look for the enchanced flexibility and advanced possibilites of going mobile, your customers expect it too.
  • Don’t pay too much when moving your servers to the cloud. Have you heard of this benefit?

    If you’re thinking about expanding or migrating your server or datacenter to the cloud we might have some good news for you. If you have Windows Servers or Windows Datacenter licensing covered by Software Assurance, you could save quite some money thanks to Azure Hybrid Use Benefit or simply HUB.
  • Buy your tools from someone you know: Windows 10 through the Cloud Solution Provider Program (CVS).

    In the good old days (let’s say 2010) you simply bought software. Here it is, install it, have a nice day. Worked perfectly fine, everyone did it. But some things tend to evolve. And the way software is sold and bought is no exception: today more and more businessess are shifting to licensed based cloud solutions for both software and infrastructure.
  • ‘Nah, we don’t need to move our business to the cloud’*

    Quite some people still have misconceptions about what the cloud is and what is does exactly. If you’re one of them, you’ve come to the right place. In this article we’ll explain and debunk some of the most widely spread myths about working in the cloud and more specifically: about working with Microsoft Office 365.
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